Fine-Tuning Chamber Configuration

 · 1 min read

Mushroom mycelium requires a particular climate environment to initiate pinning and promote healthy fruiting body development. To create this environment in a controlled way we will configure the various power controllers to toggle on/off based on sensor readings and a timer.


Adjust the power strip to toggle on/off every 12 hours. This will create the day/night cycle.


Configure the humidistat to turn on at 70% and off at 85% to create the regulated climate for your mushrooms.

Configure the thermostat controller to turn on/off somewhere between 55-65F degrees. For the space my tent is in, I found it fair to have it maintain ~60F degrees. If I had a more powerful heater, I might dial it in more, but I’m really relying on the ambient temperature to be relatively stable. Again, this is not an outdoor build.

Fill the humidifier tote with a few inches of water; At least enough for the ultrasonic humidifier ring to float. Also make sure the mist maker isn’t shooting water into the fan.

Basic Operation

Operations is pretty simple for this unit. Ensure that the humidifier doesn’t run dry, and that is about it. The system will continuously regulate the humidity/temperature/FAE balance, and all you have to do is wait!